Just how many sausages will be cooked on the BBQ this weekend? 
With (got to be) almost 1000 gorgeous charcoal BBQ's we at Jamies Catering have provided over the years, we're going to share one of our TOP TIPS for serving the perfect sausage on the BBQ. 
1/ Always look for and purchase sausages with a natural casing. Try to avoid the cheaper sausages with the synthetic casings. 
2/ NO NEED TO PRICK! This old wives tell is unnecessary, no need to release all them lovely flavours. 
3/ And the best trick ever - First of all gently poach your sausages in simmering water for approx 15-20 minutes. Ensure the water isn't vigorously boiling. This great tip will gently cook the sausages through and most importantly cook the sausage skins. This will prevent the sausages from popping and exploding on the BBQ. 
4/ Either hot or if cooked prior (chilled) then now cook as normal until golden brown on the BBQ. No need to worry if under-cooked as they should all be cooked through when they were poached. 
5/ Enjoy! English mustard is my favorite. 
Jamie Lloyd-Cox 
Managing Director 
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